Friday, April 20, 2018

Gibson 2016 SG Special

This is a 2016 Gibson SG special priced at £430

This design has been made by Gibson guitars since 1960/61 and originally carried the Les Paul signature. 

Later the signature was removed and it became the Gibson SG guitar. SG was an abbreviation for Standard Guitar.
Overall condition is very good with some scratches minor scratches in the pick guard. 

Other than that the guitar is pretty much ding free so please take a look at the pictures to make up your own mind.

It has good control over the tone and volume knobs which despite their small size are remarkably easy to use.

The pickups are growly at high volume but if you take the volume output down the guitar responds in kind giving a good easy mellow sound.

The neck is great with a good action and I like the satin finish that dont have the stickiness of some SGs I have played.
This one includes the spec tags, truss rod adjuster and a Gibson gig bag.


    Tuners:  Traditional tuners
    Neck width:  Historic original 1 11/16" neck width
    Nut:  Graph Tech nut
    Body:  Carved from solid mahogany
    Carrying case:  Padded gigbag
    Inlays:  Dot fingerboard inlays
    Pickups:  490R and 490T humbuckers
    Fingerboard:  Thicker one-piece rosewood fingerboard
    Setup:  Comprehensive hand-finished setup
    Finish:  Worn satin nitro finish