Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Boss DS 330 Dr Synth and what it does

The DS-330 dates back to 1994, and is an almost like a cut down version of the Sound Canvas.
The intersting thing about this module is the 90s sounds it contains after all that was when it was made. That said it is a versatile midi unit that has a wealth of functions and includes its own Reverb and chorus controls.

The unit is about 8.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep that sits flat with the display, buttons and volume control on the top,
The DS-330 has a subset of about 128 + tones.The user interface has two m ajor modes: single play mode and multi mode. Multi mode is for sequencing and for live there is a single play mode.
Single play mode has a DRUM submode. When in this mode, the 16 buttons are now pads that play drum sounds from the selected kit.

A Full manual is available for download at DS-330 Dr Synth.pdf

There is a short video of this very unit playing its demo song the cat mieow at 0:31 not included!

A  set of high quality sounds and drum sets
A single sound mode or 16 part multi-timbral making it useful for external midi sequencers.
Easy tone editing
Reverb and Chorus effects
1/4 mono jackplugs for left and right sound
3.5mm stereo headphone output
midi in - out - thru
power switch
12v power supply included

Boss DS 330 Dr Synth and what it does