Monday, October 1, 2018

DigiTech Digidelay digital delay pedal X-Series FX Pedal

DigiTech Digidelay digital delay pedal X-Series FX Pedal - Loop, Reverse, Modulation
The Boss Stereo DigiTech delay pedal has a lot of possibilities with its seven modes for exploring delay effects and is equally at home on the floor, on a pedal board or as part of a home studio.
These pedals are starting to get recognized as minor classics because of their small footprint coupled with their rugged design and modal variations.
The controls from left to right are as follows:

LEVEL: Effect output
REPEATS: Slap back echo to almost infinite vintage delay overload.
TIME: Variable speed return control for echo.
MODE: 7 types of delay switchable with control knob.
1. 10 – 250ms delay.
2. 250ms to 1 second delay.
3. 1 – 4 second delay.
4. Tape echo (vintage delay)
5. Mod delay (chorus and flange effects good with synths)
6. Reverse the echo comes back reversed so the original is played back straight followed by a reverse recording.
7. Looping is a sample effect that records and plays back a loop until the footswitch is pressed again.
Useful as a studio delay processor if you are on a tight budget, the DigiDelay pedal gives you 7 different types of delay to choose from which include tape, modulated, reverse, and a looper that will allow for an infinite amount of 4 second layers. 
This rugged metal chassis will stand the test of time and offers further options like dual mono and stereo outputs as well as switchable cabinet modeling.
 Requires a 9Volt battery or Standard 9 volt PSU (not supplied)