Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is this the future of mapping?

What is it about?

Photographers Oleg Gaponyuk, Andrei Zubets and presentation Man John Colebrook have put together a fantastic web site.

It is described as a Helicopter Journey over Manhattan. The site allows you to hover over various parts of New York and control your movement up, down, left and right with the abilty to zoom in and out. The detail is amazing and the movement control is really good.

They have used a camera edit that appears to use a stretch technique.
(the closer you are to the camera the more stretched the image is).

backed with some OK music and some lovely XML programming this site, "Does what it says on the address bar".

Why do i think this site is worthy of praise?

If you have ever used Google maps or Google virtual tours then you have probably felt a little dissatisfied.

Yes the Google programming is great, yes the content is brilliant and yet it leaves me feeling that the good folks at Google may have over extended themselves with trying to be too Artisitic.

I accept that google maps is a fantastic achievment and has done much to take mapping into new areas. But what about the user?

If you have used Googles virtual city you wish you could move around it in an easier way. Well the pixel case solution solves that problem brilliantly.

As yet this is very new and the resourses aren't in place to map a whole city but imagine that Google got together with this system
and linked it all together.

The result would be a near perfect mapping system.

This may well be the future of mapping who knows?
As an idea it is fantastic and as an enjoyable and innovitive web site
definately full marks 10/10.

See this site now!