Thursday, May 14, 2009

6 things to see on YOUTUBE

If you have a youtube account.
Here are some of the things you can do.

If you have verified your account by clicking the link in the email
You can upload begin to upload your videos, subscribe to channels and add playlists on YouTube.

(Playlists and channels are basically bookmarks to other user’s videos).

When you sign in to YouTube (
You will see your account name on the top right of your YouTube page.
By clicking on it you will see a drop down menu showing my videos at the top.
Click it and it takes you to your upload page.
The yellow button at the top right of this page is the video upload button.
Click this and you are asked to select the file to upload from your computer.
Click it and it uploads . . . . (Fairly slowly)
At this point you can make a cup of tea or you can fill out the description, add search words and decide who can or can't see it.

When you have uploaded it you always have the freedom to amend the description or delete the video.

Here are a few pointers:

Tip 1
Write out the description of your video and tags on notepad. If it doesn't upload the first time you may lose your description.

Tip 2
It doesn't always work first time. Try making a small test video of 30 seconds or so and upload that. This will give you experience and confidence to try bigger things later on.

Tip 3
Read my article on upload formats. You don't have follow it, but it will give you an upload format that
Is very compatible with you tubes player.

Best video format for YouTube

Finally here are 6 searches you might like on YouTube that you don't have to sign in for.



History of radar in Dorset
(interesting as the search came up with 0 results).

Tyneham village

Swanage railway

Timelapse thunderstorm
As shown above

If you have a Google account as well you can add comments and questions to this blog.