Sunday, August 2, 2009

The point of propaganda is to leave no doubt.

Propaganda is communication aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense, often presents information primarily in order to influence its audience.
(The point of reproducing the article below is to show in historical context how propaganda works)
It was written by the UK people’s party 2008 - 2009. It uses a first person conversation style and pauses and questions the reader on their own rationality.
(The UK Government of the time seemed to give no clear indication of its own purposes in pursuing the conflict)

This is a war than cannot result in a decisive win for Allied forces. It is a war of attrition with no winners or losers. Afghanistan has been the scene of major conflict for thirty years and brought the might of the Soviet Army to its knees despite massive deployment of troops, armoured divisions and combat air wings.

We are told that this is a war about supporting democracy. That it is a war against Opium production because that is converted to heroin and becomes the bane of our society. No-one can define a clear objective as to why allied troops, principally American and British forces are deployed here.

We are fighting the Taliban we are told. They are disruptive and dangerous. But, hang on a minute, wasn't America, through the CIA, financing and arming these same Taliban as 'Freedon Fighters' against Russion oppression? Too right......Does it make sence to you. No!

Every growing season Allied forces destroy, or try to destroy, the Opium crops. Understandably, the tribal chiefs take offence at this. After all, in this desolate and primitive country it is their one source of substantial income, however unacceptable this may be to Western governments. So, what's the answer? Well, it may lie in the rolling fields of Oxfordshire....Surprised?

There is a world-wide shortage of morphine, an opium derivative. The shortage is of such concern that the Labour Government is funding trial growing of the opium poppy in Oxfordshire fields. Hmm....Here's a suggestion....

The UK Government enters into a twenty-year contract to purchase the Afghanistan opium crop each year at an agreed market price. This is then converted to morphine in contracted laboratories and supplied to world markets at cost.

Three things happen. The Afghan tribal chiefs have a secure, long-term income to develop their infrastructure. Pakistan is deprived of raw opium to convert to heroin which will reduce the amounts available in western Europe. The world receives substantial and needed supplies of morphine.

It all sounds too simple doesn't it? Well, you decide.

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