Saturday, July 16, 2011

Carla Bruni the first lady confirms she is pregnant - bump de bébé

The French first lady sat down with Nice Matin, alluding to a "happy event that is more and more difficult to conceal." What follows is a translation of part of the interview:

Carla Bruni has talked about her pregnancy for the first time to (original french)
OK eventually she wouldn't be able to hide the "bump de bébé" but during this excerpt from her interview she reveals a little about the "happy event that is more and more difficult to conceal".She also talks about some of the reasons for her silence.

Why all of the discretion?

First of all, to protect myself, to not put my private life on display. It's a source of great happiness for me, but after all, it's banal and the people [of France] have plenty of problems, so it would be inappropriate to talk about it. We are already so media-exposed.

And what about the rumors that it's a boy?

Well, that -- I don't even know myself. There are things that we keep secret.


How have you been organizing your days at Fort de Brégancon (the presidential retreat off the Mediterranean coast)?
For me, the days are full of resting, really. In my state, it's an incredible opportunity to stay here instead of the city. And I'm waiting for my husband, who will be coming down this weekend, before the August vacations.

Isn't "first lady of France" synonymous with vacation?

(Smiles) Well for me, first lady of France isn't a burden. It's a job, with duties, but it's nothing overwhelming. The bulk of the load is on my husband, I'm just with him. Three years as first lady -- and it's much less tiring than ten years of modeling. First lady of France is a responsibility, you can't just say anything, but I'm not the tactless type and it's a wonderful stage in my life. [...]

Will the upcoming birth change the way people view the presidential couple?

I don't know. The French people's opinion is much different than those who see us in an intimate setting. It's difficult to reconcile their vision and the reality of things.

Bruni previously told reporters from Le Parisien that she'd only talk about her pregnancy in an informal setting, remarking, "If we were both at a cafe, I would tell you frankly." One interviewer joked, "So we'll know in six months?" to which Carla responded, "I wish I was more relaxed with these issues. But it is my husband's job that multiplies things by 100,000 and that turns a kind of small fish into a whale."

Meanwhile, both her mother and father-in-law confirmed that she was with child in May. Paris Match wrote that according to Italian journal La Stampa, Carla's mother Marisa Bruni Tedeschi announced she'd soon have a new grandchild at a family reunion in Turin. And Pal Sarkozy told, "The two do not want to know the gender in advance, but I'm sure it will be a girl and as beautiful as Carla."