Friday, December 27, 2019

Korg volca mix what does it actually do

Korg volca mix tutorial basic setup and first steps. This is a quick Blog about the Korg Volca Mix and what it does.

The volca mix is a four-channel analog mixer with a simple interface that can control power and mix up to 3 volcas or korg synths with sync simultaneously. 

There are two mono inputs and one stereo input, for connecting up to three volca units. 
The jacks are mini-jacks, allowing you to make connections with just one stereo mini-cable from the headphone output of each Volca unit.

Channel volumes use vertical faders that allow for precise control.

The gain can be boosted to adjust the mix balance.
Mute buttons are also provided on all three channels. 

Each channel is also equipped with a LO and HI CUT filter that lets you control the low and high frequency ranges with a single knob.

Natural-sounding filters give you complete control over the character of your sound.
Filters include : 

Sync in, Sync out and Send out allow the volcas tempo and effects to be controlled by the volca mix. The send can be used to output to an aux or external effects bank.

There are Headphone and line outputs for mixing and recording. 
A tempo speed control 
volume and level indicator.
Play and mute buttons.

The power supply included allows the Volca mix to power up to 3 volca units at the same time, saving space on your work surface and power outlets.

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