Friday, May 1, 2009

Gooseberry root - 30 days later

Every morning I take a look at my seedlings. This morning whilst looking at the lack of anything happening I noticed that something had indeed happened. To my surprise - and after 30 days, Two of my cuttings taken from the UK had sprouted strong roots. Looking at them I was interested to see the thickness. If you take Raspberry or Blackcurrant cuttings the root formation is more like a moss. Perhaps Gooseberry plants may prefer a more compact soil than these other fruits.

I clipped the stalk below the root and tidied up the top a bit and went to the potting shed. To give them a good start i used some 4 inch pots and placed some of my patented chicken poo compost in the bottom. Over this I put some regular neutral compost and planted the goosegogs.

I will let them gain strength in their new enviroment before planting them out. I have no idea when to transplant them into the big world and would appreciate some advice on this. All I know is that April showers lead to May flowers.