Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to upload a video to YouTube

Today I tried to make edit and upload a video to YouTube.
It's quite a short, just 3 minutes or show where the veg gardens got to so far.

It was just an experiment to see what problems I encountered. My aim was to do it from start to finish in a single day.

* The filming was easy as I just use my standard digital camera that has a simple movie facility.
* The sound was recorded on my Ipaq pda as my camera doesn't have sound for some reason, but again an easy process.
* The editing was done using Quicktime pro which is part of the i tunes software I downloaded.
You can use any film editing program, the important part of it as far as YouTube goes is that you can output to as many of the following as possible. Divx, H.264, Mpeg 4, AVI. YouTube has little problems with these file formats..
I persevered and managed to upload the film shown above and on the previous post. I used MPEG 4 - h.264 codec for the above example and the file came to a very small file of under 7MB. I think perhaps a little to much compression on this one but keep experimenting and it will work.
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