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pickled onions recipe easy

The Traditional UK Pickled Onions Recipe

Pickled onions are a popular pickled food consisting of small onions pickled in a solution of vinegar and spice. In the UK they can often be found in fish and chip shops or as part of the legendary "Ploughman's Lunch." Traditionally malt or cider vinegar would be used in England because the ingredients were more local to the climate. This is my simple method for making pickled onions. It has worked pretty well so far as I'm stil alive and still have a taste for these home made varieties. - See full Story



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UK Pound falls as Moodys axe credit rating 

The worth of sterling has dropped as the major fiscal markets reacted to loosing Britain's top AAA credit ratings.
The pound fell to a two-and-a-half year low compared to the dollar and a 16-month low compared to the Euro last Monday (25/02/13).
The score is Moody's view on the ability of a country to pay back its debt and the last time last happened to the UK was in the 1970s. 

Moody's downgrade involved a warning that growth would "remain sluggish" within the next few years. The agency stated the government's financial debt reduction programme had significant "challenges".- See full Story



kindle activities for elderly readers

Have you noticed the bit of technology that spans the generations most easily is the kindle e reader. The kindle is used far more by the elderly than laptops or desktop equivalents.
Only a year ago would have seen the same people pour forth scorn on such things.
Why would I want such a thing?
When I read a book I want to turn the pages not click a button.
Books are everywhere why would I want to buy an expensive gadget?
Why should I have to look at another screen, real books are easier to read. -
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How to test your soils PH value with a pH meter or pH papers

When growing in soil any fertilizer you use can cause an excess build up of salts when it decomposes in the soil. This almost always results in a more acidic soil which stunts the plant's growth and causes brown foliage.
Other common reasons as to why soil may become too acidic when doing outdoor grows are rainfall, leaching, organic matter decay and a previous harvest of a high yield crop in the same soil. -
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Saturdays Free Books 

Saturday Free Books - 23rd Feb. The following books have all been advertised for free on Kindle books this week. They can all be downloaded from Amazon on the page. Books include - The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura, Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith, Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster, Miss Mapp by E. F. (Edward Frederic) Benson and The Kafenion by Victoria Hislop - Download them - here


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The big world weeks round up 1st march