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The 7 Best Resources for Simple Bread Recipes

We have been eating bread for a minimum of 25, 000 years. 

The first loaf of bread made was most likely made with a cooked type of a grain-paste, produced by roasting cereal grains and also ground grains and water.

Bread quickly became a staple food in human development and is still called the daily bread in religious ceremony.

In ancient Greece free standing ovens with doors have been discovered and are most likely bread ovens for staple breads.

These breads are still eaten in many parts of the world and will still be typically produced throughout the entire world, examples such as, Mexican tortilla, Scottish oatcake, North American johnny cake, Middle eastern pita, and not forgetting Indian chapatis, rotis and naans.

Cereal grains carry a natural yeast which when activated and left to rise will create leavened bread.

If a portion of dough is left uncooked and added to the next days bread the rising process continues to the new dough.

This simple process has been used and refined ever since and noted through out history.

The Roman, Pliny the elder wrote How,

"The Gauls skimmed the top from the beer and added it to the bread to produce a lighter bread".

The daily bread was refined and changed due to climate, ingredients availability and sustenance.

Here are 7 great resources for simple bread making techniques.

My Simple bread recipe
ideal tested recipe for the first time baker - you will succeed with this recipe.
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How to mix and knead bread.
What is the best way to convert a stand mixer recipe to one i can do by hand?
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Stretch and fold.
What is the Stretch and Fold method of bread making
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Bread rising
How long does bread take to rise and what is sour dough.
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More Information about Yeast
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Best baking methods
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The History of bread
All about bread in chronological order
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The 7 Best Resources for Simple Bread Recipes