Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to make fresh cream?

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How to make fresh cream?

How do you make cream? The simple answer is that you can’t make cream.

Don't give up there though, because making cream is actually very easy.

It’s a good question, “how do I make cream”?

It is just the wrong question to ask in this case.

The question should be, “how do you separate cream from milk”?

After all I’m sure Ye Olde cream maker existed in olden days, because I’ve seen him on so many adverts.

How to make cream from fresh milk?

If you have seen fresh milk in a bottle or jar you will notice that after it has been standing for some time there’s a thick layer on the top of the milk.

That’s the cream.

You just can’t make cream without fresh cow’s milk, and by fresh that really does mean straight from the cow. Fresh cow’s milk contains an amount of butterfat and that’s what we use as cream.

Butterfat is the fatty part of the cow’s milk that separates when the milk stands for some time Cows grazing on natural pastures will sometimes produce a yellowish buttermilk cream, however cows reared indoors and fed on grain or grain based pellets produce a white cream.

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