Thursday, April 5, 2012

Samantha Brick - enough already (with video)

samantha brick is she beautiful
Im pretty tired of hearing about Samantha Brick who has been everywhere for the last 48 hours. Samantha wrote an article in The Daily Mail, titled  

“Why do women hate me for being beautiful?”

The reaction to this was extreme to say the least. When Samantha Brick tried to explain

why women feel threatened by her, while men lust after her.

The TV, Radio and the internet started a frenzy of reporting, lambasting and hating her.

Samantha Brick has been trending on Twitter for 2 days, discussed on Jeremy Vine and you tube videos made about her.

Some of the funnier comments have been:

Just been to Starbucks, when they asked my name and I told them Samantha Brick I was still asked to pay.

I imagine around about now Samantha Brick is coming down off the mexxy and taking a long swim in Lake Regret.

God, I hope that tweet about Samantha Brick meant she noticed me. #impossiblenottogetdrawnintothis

Samantha has since written about the backlash saying “This bile just proves I'm right”. She does have a point there.

Was this a publicity stunt?

Well probably, Samantha was aware that she was setting herself up for a fall but probably didn’t realise how much her piece would be read.

Most of the reaction has come from women and would seem at first look to be about jealousy but it’s probably not that women don't like beautiful women.

They just don't like arrogant women. Or men for that matter."

The Daily Mail has done nothing to suppress this story and lets be honest will this really harm Samantha Bricks Career.

My personal view is that I’m completely fed up with this story and wish I’d thought of it!

The video below is from itv "this morning programme" and appears to be an attack on Mrs Brick. But hey, after all that's what journalism can be like.

new itv version