Friday, April 15, 2011

Kindle free books - New Site - is a new site designed with the kindle fanatic in mind!

Kindlefreebooks gives you a great selection of the best free ebooks and updates it lists daily. If you are anything like me and after dismissing the idea of electronic readers, are now totally hooked on your kindle, you will love this site.

The site is very easy to navigate with reviews on the left and the download links of the top 20 featured books on the right. Kindlefreebooks covers all genres from crime thrillers to the classics, cookery books to gardening tips, in short anything worth a look at.

The thing I like about kindlefreebooks is that it posts an updated kindle book review every day and links directly to where you want to be on Amazon to download your new book.

It makes browsing for a new book a breeze as well as introducing you to new books. And featuring some of the best free titles available, finding the book that you want to read next, is really easy.

Kindlefreebooks promotes new authors as well as the more established writers and though some of these are priced, many are under £1 ($1, €1) depending on your locale.

It has never been easier for authors to write and publish books and with the huge popularity of the kindle the numbers of new books can only increase.

You can follow kindlefreebooks on twitter or simply join the site and receive a daily featured kindlefreebooks by email.

Go to Kindle free books.