Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making your twitter page secure with https

Twitter has added an option to turn on HTTPS encryption for every connection.

If you use a public network this is a very good idea and easy to do:


1. Go to your Twitter settings page.
2. Tick the Always use HTTPS checkbox.
3. Click Save and re-enter your password when prompted.

Twitter will always send data back and forth using the considerably more secure HTTPS protocol, and you can open up Twitter in any coffee shop without worrying about some one stealing your cookies and masquerading as you on Twitter. As for accessing Twitter using other clients, Twitter's post notes:

 HTTPS is used whether or not you've enabled the "Always use HTTPS" setting:

 * When you log into Twitter, so your password stays protected.
 * On the official Twitter for iPhone and iPad mobile application.

There are also a few instances where turning on HTTPS in your settings does not force HTTPS. For example, when accessing Twitter from your mobile browser, you need to go to https://mobile.twitter.com to use HTTPS for now.

This is also a good reminder that you should already be doing this on Facebook. Enable the HTTPS Setting in Your Twitter Account Now for Improved Security .

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