Thursday, March 10, 2011

£16 million pounds of jewellery found in Paris sewer.

An amazing 18 million dollars or 15 and half million pounds worth of jewellery have been dug up from a house drain in the working class Parisian suburb of Seine - Saint - Denis French police have said.

The jewels were placed in a plastic container sealed in a cement mould in the drain. So far the information on the find to be released has revealed nineteen rings and three sets of earrings have been found.

One set of earrings is reported to be valued at 15.5 million pounds!

The jewels have been identified as being part of the "Harry Winston" robbery that took place on December 5th 2008 at the Harry Winston boutique just of the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris.

Police set the missing jewellery figure at 85 million dollars and the robbery was called the most audacious crime in France.

Some stolen rings, necklaces and watches were recovered when police rounded up 25 people in a June 2009 sweep and eventually charged nine of them.

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