Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to keep celery fresh

Have you ever wanted to have some nice celery sticks and gone to the refrigerator and found that your celery is limp, the leaves are crumpled and rotten, and the whole head has become unusable? This problem has a very simple solution, which I've outlined here.

Things You'll Need:

* A head of celery
* Heavy-duty aluminum foil, the long variety
* A refrigerator

1. When you get the celery home from the store, remove the plastic it came in, or anything else, such as a wire band, that was used to hold it together and discard it.

2. There is no need to wash the celery until it is time to use it, so simply pull out a piece of aluminum foil large enough to wrap the whole celery head so none of it shows.

3. Fold the ends over carefully and refrigerate the bundle. When you want to use it, unwrap it in such a way that the foil can be reused, or replace the foil if it becomes too torn to cover the celery completely. Celery will keep for a month--at least!--as fresh as the day you bought it, using this method.

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