Saturday, February 15, 2020

Boss Chorus CE5 pedal What does it actually do and what does it sound like

A Chorus effect makes a single instrument sound like two, with one part playing slightly out of time with the other.

What is actually happening is the input signal is given a very small delay.

This can be altered by the effects rate and depth.

There are four knobs on the top of the Boss CE-5
From left to right they are:

Effect level
Controls the balance between the wet and dry sound.
This makes the wavering sound faster or slower.
This controls how much of the effect you get.
This is for controlling the tone. The Boss CE-5 has a split knob that can cut or boost the high and low frequencies.

The CE-5 chorus has a stereo output. Channel A is mono and mixed together

When both outputs are plugged in the stereo output puts the output of A as a wet signal and the output of B as the dry sound. This can create some interesting extra width when using two amps or stereo recording.

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Boss Chorus ensemble ce 5