Thursday, March 17, 2011

Petrol Price in France mapped

With Petrol and diesel prices still rising the cheaper French fuel prices are disappearing fast.

In rural France the nearest shop can be 4 - 5 miles away so the price of fuel is important.

So when finding the site:

 Prix des Carburants en France a petrol price comparison site I was optimistic.

The site allows you to search prices for Petrol, Diesel, E10, E85 and GPL by commune or department.

There is a clickable map if you don’t know where you are!

It also has a route planner where you can enter your start and destination details and get a map with a rundown of the petrol station prices on route.

The site is run by the French Government and has a large and regularly updated petrol prices on all its featured stations right across France.

After checking a few local gas stations I found the site to be pretty accurate.

This could be well worth bookmarking especially if you plan to travel through France this year.

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